I was a brand new teacher and father all at the same time.
I had a genuine desire to see my students become successful after graduation, and I had a desire as a father to see my kids be able to achieve greatness.  A based my entire self-worth on this accomplishment and set out to find a simple solution.
At that time, I was very well versed in personal development, but all of it seemed to only apply to adults and to the small percentage of people who are naturally motivated.  Whereas some of the motivational techniques worked for some, I needed something that would apply to anyone.
Soon I found out about a special form of affirmations called Afformations® created by Noah St. John and it was life changing.
After seeing them work with my students at school and my children at home I decide to teach everyone about Afformations®.
As a result of using Afformations® both at home and in the classroom, I’m pleased to have experienced these results:
My oldest son (11) has been a successful actor since the age of 5 and has been in television shows and movies for major networks.  He has become a well-known actor in Hollywood appearing in multiple films and being celebrated for his work.
My youngest son (7) is at the top of his academic class and scores above grade level in every subject. He is in all advanced classes and easily takes upon leadership roles whenever asked.
In my classroom I began to see a 0% failure rate, and a near 100% graduation rate.
I also witnessed classroom behavior problems drastically decrease as well. Not only that, but I have used Afformations® in my personal life to become more productive and reach my goals.
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